nature & creative

The Union

As a registered association, we have been active in promoting youth welfare since 1997. 

In 2021 we have aligned ourselves with the current requirements of the time with a new name, new style and new projects. 

NATURE and CREATIVE means for us: 

NATURE = Everything that surrounds us, in all things. We want to make this tangible and tangible. Be it in relation to the environment, the flora and fauna or discovering the culture in the city or in the country. 

CREATIVE = What can we do, what are we capable of, what interests and talents do our children have? 

We want to promote this from elementary school to entry into professional life or higher education at schools or universities. Projects are carried out by us and it always remains exciting. 

We look forward to every contact and are happy to report on our activities and plans. And of course we are happy about every donation, but also about suggestions for future projects. 

Wir alle haben Ideen – wieso setzen wir diese nicht einfach um?

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